Josh Hughes

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Josh Hughes


I remember accepting Jesus into my life when I was very young, and since then He has steadfastly walked beside me through the ups and downs of life. This amazing world, His miracles (both past and present) and our lives are all testaments to His grace and love for His children and for those who do not yet know Him. My absolute favourite thing in the world is spending time with God, and the more I do, the more of His work and His character I see all around me.

I flitted in and out of Uni Fellowship for my first years of university, finally investing deeply into a Fellowship Group full of godly young men and women. It was a breath of fresh air every week and continued to remind me of what was truly important even while I was amid assignment purgatory. God’s relentless pursuit of my affections drew me away from study and towards Him through this time, and I finished my second year with a strong desire to spread the word of God on campus at uni, something I had not had before. I knew from my time with them that Uni Fellowship was full of godly students looking to do just that, and so I dived in headfirst, and haven’t looked back.

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