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Joshua Lattimore


Hello, I’m Joshua Lattimore and I’ve been re-nominated as the Treasurer for the University Fellowship of Christians. I have recently change my degree to Justice Studies. When I’m not studying (which is more often than I would like!), I generally like surfing Netflix, watching Anime, playing video games and reading articles or comics.

I currently attend Hobart Baptist Church and I have been at Hobart Baps (that’s what the young adults call our church!) for as long as I have been in Hobart, which is about fourteen years, so I am very much part of the community and the church family at Hobart Baptist. So, I’ve always been a ‘church kid’, and while I did make a decision to become a Christian when I was in Year Five, it didn’t really have much of an impact on me until I was at least in Year Nine. Until that point, I only went to church or youth group to hang out with my friends. Then, when I went on a youth camp, I was challenged and inspired to relate with Jesus. And for over a year, I continued to think and reflect on this. Then, after some struggles I was going through, I decided to renew my commitment to Jesus, at which point, I decided to be baptised. From that point, I still try to live for Jesus. It’s not easy. I struggle with doubt and sin, but He gets through it.

Essentially, I’ve accepted this nomination because I’m a person who serves. If someone asks to help, then I will likely be one of the first people to volunteer to assist. I am extremely humbled to have been nominated for this position and I hope and pray that I will make the most of the gifts God has given me in this position for the benefit of the Uni Fellowship and its mission.

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