Wrap up summer and Launch into the new year, joining emerging adults from across Tasmania, to think deeply about God's word and how to share in Christ's mission locally and globally. A generous mix of thoughtful and deep preaching, teaching and practical training, with social activities and tasty dinners.

Whether new to uni or returning, taking a gap year or entering into the workforce, Launch is a great way to lay biblical foundations, establish healthy spiritual patterns and learn practical ministry skills for your daily life.

We want Launch to be a great place to make new friends, get connected and work out together what your faith looks like in the next phase of your life.

  • Tuesday 20th - Thursday 22nd February 2024 @ Wellspring Anglican Church building (corner of Lord St and Grosvenor)
  • $115 FULL conference (20th-22nd February, Conference booklet, dinners, drinks & snacks incl. with Tues & Weds lunches being D.I.Y.)

  • $60 Evenings ONLY (incl. dinner and the main evening session)

  • Tuesday night Dinner, 5:30pm @ La Mensa Resturant, Salamanca
  • Wednesday night Dinner, 5:30pm, TacoTaco @ Wellpsring church building courtyard
  • Non-residential conference, with ample parking and disabled access.

  • Accommodation: free Billeting (available only for those outside of the Southern Tasmanian region) upon request.


In partnership with

Church Missionary Society, Tasmania

The Vision 100 Network