Pre-Season Conference

Kick off your uni experience by coming back early from the summer holidays to join with new and returning students to get ready for the new year of mission on campus.
We organise a generous mix of thoughtful and deep preaching, teaching and practical training with social activities and some tasty dinners.

New to Uni? Gap Year-ing? Still deciding… wether Christian or still working your beliefs out Pre-Season is a particularly great way to transition from your High School life to your next steps wether on campus or not. Pre-Season provides an opportunity to find familiar faces, make friends and start working out what your faith looks like in the new phase of life you now find yourself.

Tuesday 15th - Friday 18th February @ Wellspring Anglican Church building (corner of Lord St and Grosvenor)

• $110 FULL conference (15th-18th February)
• $75 Evening ONLY
• FREE Uni Fellowship T-Shirt for FULL rego first timers at Pre-Season Conference ($25 sold separately)
• $10 for Uni Fellowship hoodie (old design only what is in stock)
• Accommodation: Billeting (available only for Launceston, Burnie & Cradle campus attendees)

Wondering what Pre Season looks like each day? Check the program out here.