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In addition to its ongoing ministry to current students on campus, the University Fellowship of Christians serves the widening network of University Fellowship of Christians graduates, to support them as they serve the Lord Jesus in a range of vocations and to seek their ongoing involvement in the mission on campus.

  • We organise biennial alumni dinners to celebrate God's work on campus.
  • Our quarterly email newsletter and Facebook Page enables alumni to keep in touch, wherever they are in the world .
  • We publish Alumni resources to encourage and equip graduates in their ongoing service of the Lord.

Dr James Howard Bradbury (AM) by Dave McDonald

"Howard and Ruth would reach out to students in the colleges, invite them into their home, provide transport, cook meals, offer support, encourage fun, and generously pour out Christian love. Howard and Ruth loved students and, even more, they loved students to enter into a real relationship with God through Jesus Christ. And this has left its legacy on me....

"Howard and Ruth supported Fiona and me as we began this new work in Canberra [of FOCUS and Crossroads Church]. They would ask us how we were going and pray for us. Howard joined the committee to support the university ministry and, together with Ken Mackay, opened up many doors for ministry on the campus....

"Howard Bradbury was a man of science, esteemed across the globe. He was a man of the people, loved by his wife, children, grandchildren, and 20 great grandchildren. His love for people shaped his application of his science to the needs of others. But deeper still, Howard was a man of faith in God through Jesus Christ. His knowledge of God laid a solid foundation for his scientific passion. The mercy and kindness of his Saviour pushed him to love, respect, and invest in people.

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Becoming a Missionary Pilot by Noel Carpenter

Through the years of high-school, my close friends and I were plane mad. We couldn’t get enough of them – plastic models, posters, movies, air-shows (anyone remember Skyrace Tasmania?). Then, of course, I wanted to get my pilot’s licence, because that was the logical next step! However, sometime after becoming a Christian near the end of Grade Nine, I remember consciously making the decision that I wouldn’t pursue getting my pilot’s licence. For me at the time, my conviction was that as a Christian, I couldn’t justify spending that amount of money to get a licence that would just have been used for fun (not that I had THAT much money back then!).

Fast-forward about five years and two different occurrences changed my mind about being able to justify spending a large amount of money on a pilot’s licence. The first prompt was while attending a young adults Bible study and hearing a guest speaker - who was working as an engineer in Nepal -mention how he believed that God could use someone’s interests and passions to serve him by putting these things to good use in a cross-cultural context. This comment stayed with me, and not long after, when I was lent a book about the history of the mission aviation organisation called Mission Aviation Fellowship, I had an ‘ahh’ moment. Maybe, through my God-given interest in aviation, there were opportunities for God to build his kingdom using aviation as a tool. But, where was the money going to come from?

I was just starting my first full-time job after finishing a university degree and was shortly getting married and buying a house – money wasn’t going to be easy to come by. However, to make a long story short, God intervened, and while doing some voluntary computer teaching at a small school in Yemen, I was offered a short-term contract to work for the United Nations Development Program as a project manager. Working just five months in this position, being paid tax-free in US dollars and with an exchange-rate of US$0.50 = A$1.00, it quickly became apparent that God was providing the means for me to soon begin flying lessons with the goal of being a pilot serving cross-culturally through mission aviation. Through God’s enabling, I am blessed to have been a mission aviation pilot for more than ten accident-free years – all praise to him!

Noel graduated from the University of Tasmania in 2000 with a B.Sc (Hons.). He is married to Catharine, and they and their three children have lived and worked in Arnhem Land and Papua New Guinea as members of Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia.

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