Erica Bleasel

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Erica Bleasel


I first truly realised and understood the love of God at the Anglican Camp Mayfield when I was around 12 years old. This understanding has changed my life abundantly for the better. Through following God I have found purpose, assurance and direction in my life. At this time in my Christian walk, my relationship with God is growing more and more personal, and I am learning to submit all aspects of my life to him. Through the difficulties that this time in life can present, totally depending on God is what helps me through. My church family is Wellspring Anglican in Sandy Bay.

I study the Bachelor of Business at the University of Tasmania, and my hobbies include reading, cooking, and listening to music. My list of books to read, however, does not at all match the pace at which I read! Since becoming involved with Uni Fellowship at the commencement of my current studies, I have been blessed with wonderful connections and friendships with the people here. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Executive Committee. I hope to be a guiding voice as we seek to live out our mission of proclaiming Jesus Christ at university.

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Student Committee

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